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Our Beliefs

Beliefs start somewhere - ours come from the Bible.

The Bible is...

  • God’s communication to us, including the Old and New Testament.
  • Understandable! Otherwise, what’s the point? (see below)

  • accurate and without error in its entirety-otherwise how could we
  • trust it? It's our foundational principles for all of life: marriage,

    children, finances, sex, relationships, whatever.

  • the final authority on matters of Christian faith and practice.
  • The Bible says much about God

    — but especially that He’s….

  • one God, perfect and exists eternally as Father, Son (Jesus),
  • and Holy Spirit.

  • the creator of all things.
  • worthy of honor and fame.
  • The Bible says much about Jesus, who...

  • is God’s son, virgin born as a real human baby.
  • lived a perfect life.
  • died on a cross (a cruel 1st century form of punishment), although
  • He didn’t deserve it. Why? To take the punishment we deserve for

    our sins.

  • became physically alive again and ascended to heaven.
  • The Bible says much about people, who...

  • were created in the image of God and made for a loving relationship
  • with God.

  • are sinners (sinner includes being imperfect, the opposite of a
  • perfect God) and choose either actively or passively to rebel

    against God.

  • therefore suffer the consequences of our choices, and are estranged
  • from God.

  • are offered salvation from the consequences of sin, and restoration
  • of the relationship through faith in Jesus Christ.

  • can do nothing to earn this forgiveness, but can recognize our need
  • and receive it as a free gift.

    The Bible says much about church, which...

  • is composed of all people in all generations who have a relationship
  • with God through faith in Jesus Christ.

  • shows itself in history through local communities such as Imperfect
  • Baptist Church.

  • pursues God’s purposes including evangelism, discipleship,
  • fellowship, ministry, and worship.

    This is the “plain English” version of our most basic beliefs. If you

    want to read our formal, complete statement of faith, click HERE.

    We invite questions.

    Our "Lets Get Acquainted" class covers more basic beliefs and practices, and one-on-one discipleship delves into the basics in much greater detail.


    People ask, if the Bible is meant to be understandable, why are there so many interpretations? We think there’s a simple answer: because we read it in strange ways we would never impose on other books. Sound strange? Here’s what we mean: How do we read a history book? Like history! How about poetry? Like poetry. What if a book has sections of poetry, myth, and history? We read each section- as the AUTHOR wrote it, as poetry, myth, and history. The Bible’s like that: there’s an overall theme, but the parts are different. The part called Genesis is written as history, and we read it as history. The part called Psalms is written as poetry - and we read it as poetry. It makes no sense to read poetry like we would narrative, history like myth, or doctrine (teachings) like poetry! But that’s what people often do, and of course it’s confusing. When we listen to the author, and read simply as the author intended, even children can understand much of

    the Bible.

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