New/What to expect


You need to know right up front that we take God very seriously, but... we don't take ourselves too seriously at all! We LOVE to laugh and have a good time - we do NOT think it's a sin to smile, laugh and have a good time while at church! We actually think church should be something you look forward to - with its great music, messages with meaning, and plenty of laughter. We even think church should be a place your kids enjoy! 


Yes - we believe you should wear clothes. If wearing clothing is an issue for you, we suggest you find another church. As for what kind of clothes you should wear, well, that’s up to you. We want to focus ourselves & each other on God while we are at church - so whatever is comfortable for you and not distracting to others (like... that sombrero you have in the attic, or that Hawaiian shirt your wife keeps telling you to throw out - you may want to leave those at home) is fine by us. On an average Sunday morning maybe 1 guy will be in a suit - the rest are a mix of "business casual" and jeans. So... as long as you leave the sombrero & Hawaiian shirt at home... you'll fit right in whatever you wear.


We LOVE music and enjoy this part of our time together each Sunday. Our band currently consists of several singers, drums, acoustic & electric guitars, bass and keyboard. We are constantly working to improve both our sound quality and our repertoire of songs as we look to worship God together. Do you play an instrument? Let us know - as we're constantly on the lookout for talent!


We don't claim to have all the answers. But we do offer a warm, welcome, and safe place to investigate Christianity with no pressure to give anything or join anything. If you've given up on church, maybe it's time to give God another chance. Our Sunday morning service is from 10:00 - 11:00am. If you are thinking about checking us out, that'd be the service to go to. We're only about 5 miles from downtown Syracuse and a 1/2 mile east of the WalMart in Camillus.